After much speculation about the next wave of DLC for Insomniac’s Spider-Man, we finally have some concrete evidence that comes after the first DLC outing The Heist!

Following on from a screenshot that has popped up on Reddit recently, we now know that you’ll be going head to head (or hammer to head in this case) against none other than the villain Hammerhead. The screenshot also reveals that it’s set to release on the PlayStation Store on November 20.

Without any formal announcement from Sony or Insomniac Games, I imagine these details surfaced through the recent patch for Spider-Man as well as the image of the villain himself. Following a fairly moderate review of the first DLC we can now hope to see a bigger time impact and replay-ability for this next piece as an improvement on the previous.

In the comics, Hammerhead gained his infamous name as his skull was reformed back together using unbendable steel alloy after an injury he had sustained. He also rose to fame through his connections with the organized crime families that preyed upon all corners of New York, it certainly helped that his whole family were known to be one of the major organizations fuelling the crime epidemic amongst New York’s residents. Until Spider-Man put a stop to that! Hence the never-ending battle between the pair.

Marvel’s Spider-Man for the PS4 and PS4 Pro is out now! If you don’t have it yet then I highly recommend you pick it up and take a stand against the Hammer!

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