Strange Brigade has new DLC and game modes coming imminently, Rebellion has announced.

Chocks away old chap; three large content drops are parachuting in, and it’s set to be an action-packed week for The Strange Brigade! In case you missed the telegram, Rebellion is launching the third and concluding installment of The Thrice-Damned collection — it may be spiffy, but that’s not all!

Alongside this new gameplay DLC entitled The Pyramid of Bes, which arrives November 27, players can expect the launch of not only a new character content DLC but a free jam-packed update also… Golly gosh old bean, it’s all rather go go go, isn’t it!?

The Pyramid of Bes itself follows on from the events of part one and two, and in true Strange Brigade fashion, lets you give those undead blighters a right British seeing-to… if nothing else.

That aside, let’s dive into the free stuff, and it’s more than a bit of alright! The additional update, this one coming November 26, arrive just in time for the new campaign; but it contains two entirely new modes. These new modes include photo mode and  “EXTREME MODE!” — which sounds ominously intense, hopefully accurately so.

Strange Brigade Screenshot

Extreme mode is set to boost difficulty and “encourage players to put their thinking caps on and get tactical – use the environment wisely, pick your moments, and for goodness’ sake try to stay alive, Strange Brigade!” So while you’re enjoying this extra smidgen of fun, why not document your escapades with the new photo mode, which comes complete with “a veritable variety of features.”; including adjustable focal, aperture, and FOV options and dozens of filters. It’s technology gone mad!

And last, but not at all least, we come to Strange Brigade’s newest recruit Anjali Khan from the all-new Maharani Huntress Character Pack which comes with an all-new mission, a new playable character, and an all-new set including a new amulet power, items, and weapons. And you have little time to wait, dear fellows as all this new adventure fun begins this coming Monday! Pip pip, cheerio for now!

Strange Brigade is available now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. You can read the full details on the new updates here.

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