Sunset Overdrive might be heading to PC sometime soon as ratings for the game have surfaced as well as a Steam DB listing.

Earlier this year, the Korean Ratings Board had a listing for Sunset Overdrive on PC, now the ESRB in the United States has also listed a rating for the game. As always, this could be preliminary if Insomniac Games or Microsoft ever want to bring the game to PC however the next listing adds more fuel to the fire.

A SteamDB listing has appeared for Sunset Overdrive, too, which suggests that the game will be coming to Steam. A listing of this nature means that the framework has been added to Steam’s Store backend to prepare for the game’s launch.

Sunset Overdrive‘s PC release has been often talked about since its launch over four years ago (almost to the day, in fact). Insomniac Games themselves have commented that while they’d love to do it, it’s down to Microsoft to pull the trigger, and it seems like they finally might have.

Sunset Overdrive E3 Screenshot

That being said, with the PC launch of Sunset Overdrive being under Microsoft’s control, it’s surprising that a SteamDB listing has surfaced and not a Microsoft Store leak seeing as Microsoft would likely flog the game via the Windows Store rather than Steam. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

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