Yesterday’s Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Nintendo Direct brought fans a lot more news of what is to come from the next highly anticipated entry into the series whilst also bringing, to the dismay and anger of many other fans, no news of Waluigi as a playable character… ‘Waaaaa’?!

To make matters slightly more bitter, we were introduced to a pre-order bonus of… behold, PIRANHA PLANT! To the anger of many Nintendo elites across the globe after pleading to make Waluigi a playable character, we were left with a slightly under-whelming new addition to the roster.

With the addition of the recently announced ‘Ken Masters’ and ‘Incineroar’ to make up the final 74 playable characters, many wonder, will Nintendo ever give them the ‘purple mustached twirling villain’ they deserve? All is not lost, however, as during this Direct Stream we have news of a Super Smash Bros. Season Pass.

This season pass will include 5 new additional playable characters, stages, and soundtracks to use as you flame fist your opponent out of the arena whilst dancing amused to your favorite soundtracks amongst their hallowed screams in the distance… well at least I will be anyway. This season pass comes at a price of $24.99.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Piranha Plant

So there you have it, there may still be hope of seeing Wario’s beloved purple counter-part as a playable character in the near future! You have 5 chances left Nintendo. If these five mysterious un-announced fighters are anything to go by, to quell the many woes of your fans.

I would also consider his Smash having something to do with an electric guitar and purple rain… I have now copyrighted this idea, just remember, you heard it here first!

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