8BitDo have announced their new wireless Bluetooth adaptor for GameCube controllers and they’re shipping on December 7. That’s right, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Day!

As if we weren’t hyped up enough; what with the freshly renewed competitive spirit and waves of uninterrupted nostalgia that only grow with every new announcement — but now we can take our Super Smash Bros. Ultimate combat wireless! We are reaching peak Hype.

While there are newer GameCube controllers rolling out for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, the wired adaptors for them are, well, less than ideal.  But never fear, 8BitDo are here. The GBros. wireless adaptor is your answer to playing Smash Bros. the traditional way — in the new age.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate can be played with Switch’s Joy-Con controllers, but as we know many old school players like to play it old school (and rightly so) which means GameCube controllers. As such, you’ll be happy knowing that the GBros. adaptor requires no new controllers… so why not dust off that old crisp crumb encrusted controller you’ve been saving and button mash your way to a Smashing good time.

The Specs:

  • Weighing in at just 38 grams, the adaptor itself is small and mighty — compatible with both the Switch and Bluetooth 4.0 enabled PCs running Windows 7 or above.
  • 8BitDo won’t harsh your retro buzz since not only does the GBros. support GameCube controllers, but other classic wired controllers from the NES, SNES, and Wii.
  • Along with a supposed 30-hour battery life, drawn from AA batteries, the adaptor features a HOME and a Screenshot button for use with the Switch itself— bringing new age functionality to our favorite gaming relics.

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