If Super Smash Bros. Ultimate‘s latest Nintendo Direct has shown us anything from its new story mode, it’s don’t go to the light!

Personally, I’m incredibly excited to get my hands on the next Super Smash Bros. and especially after the latest direct stream. Immediately after hearing all the characters from previous entries would be returning, I was sold, but I had always enjoyed the adventure mode of Melee and Brawl in particular, so upon hearing of this ‘Word of Light’ adventure mode mixed in with the new spirit mechanics it has added a lot more depth than ever before in the series.

Showing off an impressive cinematic for the ‘World of Light’ adventure mode, we notice that these bursts of light have taken the heroes souls and in turn altered the characters bodies and replaced them with evil versions of themselves which, I imagine, in-turn you must have to fight through each path to reclaim the spirit of the fallen warriors and find out exactly what or who is doing all of this. That’s my theory for now at least, we’ll know for sure on release.

Nintendo does not mess about when it comes to their major franchises and that’s no different here. The number of hours this game will have you consuming from the sheer amount of content it has to offer is, to put simply, insane! From Spirit and Adventure mode to Online and Endless All-star Battle modes, along with the new in-depth Spirit system, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will allow you to make your chosen fighter more unique by adding a slight RPG system to the series for the first time.

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As well as releasing Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and the Switch console version in December, along with the countless new Amiibo’s and Gamecube controller’s to follow, we can expect Nintendo to have a very good holiday season and a high impact on their holiday sales!

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will release on the 7 December 2018. The main event is nearing, are you ready to smash the competition? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below, we’d love to hear what you guys have to say!

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