Today’s final Nintendo Direct opened on the familiar Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Boxing Ring. From way off in the distance, we see the vicious battle taking place. Just like every time I have attempted to play Punch Out, Little Mac getting his arse handed to him. Only this time it’s by the original echo fighter, Ken Masters! Boom! Fighter 73!

It will come as no surprise to Street Fighter fans that Ken plays almost identically to Ryu. His short-lived victory is quickly interrupted by a shadowy figure cloaked in embers. Who could it be? It could only be the final evolution of the Sun & Moon starter Pokémon Litten; Incineroar. Fighter 74! Intentional rhyming or a beautiful coincidence? The fire/dark type has a real heel wrester swagger to all of his movements and character flair that has been missing from previous Smashes. Wooooh!

Trophies are now gone, only to be replaced with Sprits! Spirits are equipable upgrades that you can give to your fighter that can be unlocked in a variety of ways but predominately in World of Light mode. This challenging mode offers themed fights based around the spirits you can unlock and tells the story of how all our beloved pugilists became spirits.

During the trailer, I noticed loads of Metal Gear Spirits references (particularly the modern ones!) Spirits can be combined, leveled up and can be used to level your amiibo fighters. Talking NFC figurines, the new line of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate amiibos will be released in waves, with Ridley, Inkling, and Wolf available on release day, and the rest of the limitless line up to be filled out over 2019.

Super Smash Bros. Screenshot

Online features seem to be the standard for modern fighting games. Revealing nothing too surprising except the admission that the d-pad is now useless in fights, a new Smash based social media platform is coming in 2019 and most importantly, even Sakurai wants you to play Super Smash Bros. Ultimate with a wired connection!

Fighter 75! The latest in a long line of “What the fuck?” characters, Piranha Plant will be offered to those that have preordered but, unfortunately, won’t be ready until at least February.

It currently seems that the blooming new character is not part of the incoming five DLC packs included with the season pass. Each pack will include one fighter, one stage, and one music track. Those that pre-order the Smash Pass will receive Rex from Xenoblade Chronicle’s Mii swordfighter outfit. Using my GCSE maths skills that means that one day soon we’ll have 80 fighters to choose from!

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With just over a month until we will all be Smashing each other’s brains out, there is bound to be a few more secrets and tidbits to find. Stay tuned to n3rdabl3 for all the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate news!

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