Team17 has today announced that they’ll be publishing Black Matter’s upcoming crowdfunded WW2 first-person shooter, Hell Let Loose.

Team17, probably best known for publishing titles such as My Time At Portia, Overcooked, Planet Alpha, and many more, have today announced they’ll be taking another game under their wing, this time it’s Black Matter’s Hell Let Loose.

Hell Let Loose is a platoon-based realistic multiplayer shooter set in World War 2. The game is set to offer epic 50 vs 50 battles where communication and tactics are key in order to capture sectors & resources, and ultimately come out on top of their foes.

The game is expected to land in Early Access in 2019 where the team will work with players to create what could be the next great WW2 shooter. A roadmap of development is also expected to arrive when the game lands in Early Access.

“Team17 have a long history of delivering robust and highly accomplished titles. Their philosophy of delivering a great final product whilst importantly allowing us to protect the unique identity of an FPS title like Hell Let Loose was a key factor in our partnership,” said Maximilian Rea, co-founder, Black Matter. “A title this epic in scope posed a huge challenge for a small studio like us. Working with Team17 will allow us to focus on the development of the game while ensuring we deliver players the polished experience they expect.”

Check out the game’s announcement trailer below:

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