Skybound Games has teased that we will all be treated to more information on The Walking Dead: The Final Season and its final two episodes.

Skybound Games took to Twitter, the land where teasers are laid for all to bare, to announce the news. Skybound Games are clearly aware that The Walking Dead: The Final Season still has a huge following and that not even this year’s earlier controversy has pushed die-hard fans away.

With that said, Skybound Games took over the spearheading of the project after striking up a deal to complete the series along side a team from the now defunct, Telltale Games. This makes sense as Skybound Entertainment (the mother company) is the company founded by The Walking Dead comic co-creator, Robert Kirkman, and therefore it is easy to see why they are the most obvious choice for the completion of the game.

There is currently no dates as to when we will see the final two installments of Clem’s epic tale. The penultimate episode has already drawn passed its original release date of November 6, 2018, and we are slowly drawing closer to the date that was supposed to see the climactic finale.

Fans are hopeful that we will see Episode 3 of The Walking Dead: The Final Season by the end of the year following the response of Skybound CEO Ian Howe, who took to Reddit back in October to answer fans questions.

I’ll keep waiting for the product to be finally be released in full before I play, but let us know here if you have enjoyed the game up until now or if you too are waiting to binge the saga’s finale.

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