Don’t let the blissful ending of Stranger Things Season 2 fool you – Anyone who knows Hawkins also knows that when happiness befalls it’s resident, something wicked this way comes! According to the official companion guide appropriately coined Worlds Turned Upside Down, The Mind Flayer will be returning for Season 3!

The parasitic nightmare that wracked Hawkins (and latched itself onto Will for basically the entire season,) was last seen looming over Hawkins High school as the characters enjoyed a romantic dance. So while Eleven may have banished it momentarily, the ending certainly implied it isn’t done with the gang just yet.

To add to the theory that the Mind Flayer isn’t finished spreading chaos, producer Shawn Levy was also teased that the monster’s lurking was an intentional clue and that it now knows who it’s foe is. As a final clue, Levy was also quoted saying that Season 3 will be, “The final summer of their childhood.”

What do you think about watching another season of the kids fight off the hellish mind-controlling monster? Any theories on how they might defeat it? Let us know in the comments down below!

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