At the beginning of the month, as the culmination of a Super Smash Bros. Ultimate themed Nintendo Direct, we were treated to a trailer for World of Light, the game’s single-player mode. Within it, we saw the roster of fighters being eliminated one by one by new enemy Galeem, accompanied by an army of Master Hands.

The blue blur couldn’t go fast enough, the Hylian shield couldn’t take the hit and even the famous cardboard box couldn’t avoid detection. It was only Kirby’s warp star that was capable of escaping the danger, preventing him from being overtaken by a spirit.

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On first impressions, director Masahiro Sakurai appeared to be saving his favorite character; his own creation with the most personal attachment. But, apparently, we’ve all labeled Sakurai as too sentimental, with Kirby’s survival merely being a matter of logic.

Speaking with Japanese magazine Famitsu, deciding the lead for World of Light was a process of elimination, answering the question of who could outrun the powerful foe. “All fighters possessing ‘normal’ abilities were immediately disqualified. Given that its assault enveloped the ends of the galaxy, only a vehicle that could defy the laws of physics would work.” The podium-placing fighters were Bayonetta, Palutena, and the walking marshmallow with legs we ended up with.

Sakurai reasoned that, since the former’s enemies already feature in the single-player campaign, they would be more unlikely to have escaped the cataclysmic event, leaving only his finest creation (although I would argue that helming the fighting series is the greater achievement) left to take on the hordes.

Aside from this, the pink blob is much more recognizable for marketing purposes, thanks to his inclusion from the very first Smash Bros. title. His controls have not really changed from the N64 days either, making Kirby’s move-set more accessible to newcomers, almost acting as an introductory tutorial character when compared to the more complicated modern additions.

Regardless of the reasons, we only have a week until we get to play World of Light, along with the rest of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate‘s game modes accompanying its release, on December 7.

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