ABZÛ coral

It’s news that will make some players very happy — others may be wondering what all the fuss is about… which means they’ve obviously missed out. I mean, how could you have not heard about Abzû?

Although Giant Squid Studios may have announced that Abzû is coming to Switch later this month, the game isn’t at all new. The title actually launched for the first time back in 2016, but is renewed with a drive into the world of the Nintendo Switch as of November 29.

This BAFTA-nominated third-person exploration game comes from a strong lineage including Journey and Flower; all thanks to a shared link to the Art/Creative Director Matt Nava. Filled with vibrant detail and color, Giant Squid really invites their players to submerge themselves into a deep sea exploration which hides beyond the shallows.

Abzû is one of those uniquely captivating titles which have a high level of replayability — so it doesn’t matter if you’ve played it twice, or not even once, there is something for every player to discover, experience, and enjoy… so why not experience it on the Switch? Find it on the Switch eShop from November 29.

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