THQ Nordic is riding a high wave at the moment and that wave just keeps getting bigger. They have just announced another three new titles coming to the Nintendo Switch in “Early 2019”. All three will be available both physically and digitally.

Below you can read up on each title as well as what their Switch versions will bring!

Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy

This third-person action adventure title relies heavily on its Egyptian mythos. As the Sphinx, it is your responsibility to travel the globe through magical portals and throw a proverbial wrench in the evil plans of Set. Use your speed, wits, and special abilities, along with you Mummy compatriot, to collect the stolen crowns of Egypt. It falls on you to save the world, or let it fall under Set’s rule.

You can use Sphinx’s weaponry skills to take down deadly mystic monsters, and even transform into a winged lion. When brute strength isn’t needed, take control of the Mummy and utilize his stealth abilities to avoid unnecessary fights. Get the chance to interact with a plethora of unique characters, creatures, and enemies; and enjoy all of this through beautiful graphics that bring the legendary old Egypt to life!

The Book of Unwritten Tales 2

Assume control of 4 different characters in a fantastical world, while solving brain-teasing logic puzzles along the way. The game comes with over 20 hours of gameplay, complete with an exhilarating story, memorable characters and some truly funny humor. Check out the trailer below!

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The Raven Remastered

Set in London in 1964, an ancient ruby is stolen from a British Museum, and a single raven’s feather is all that is left behind. Is this a copycat of the legendary Raven, who disappeared years before? Assume the role of Constable Anton Jakob Zellner, who finds himself thrust in the middle of this mystery where nothing is what it seems. In a world where everyone seemingly has something to hide, how can he get ahead of the Raven?

From the creators of The Book of Unwritten Tales series comes a classic “whodunit” adventure. Players will experience this crime story through the eyes of multiple characters, across multiple classic murder/mystery locations; from a cruise ship, to a train in the Swiss Alps, to the Cairo museum. The game features some truly well done voice acting and offers fully remastered animations, lighting, and hair all in full HD.

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All three of these titles are set to launch in early 2019 and will be £26.99 – €29.99 – $29.99 respectively.

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