Today El Presidente (Kalypso Media) has announced that digital pre-orders can now be made for the upcoming dictator sim, Tropico 6.

Available via the game’s website, Steam, and other online retailers, prospective Presidentes can pre-purchase their collection of private islands, also known as Tropico 6, and bring a better life to their island’s residents. All pre-orders will give players instant access to the upcoming PC beta, as well as a 10% discount.

If that’s not enough, Kalypso Media is also offering a 15% discount to new customers who pre-order the game via the Kalypso Shop.

There’ll be two pre-order options, the Standard Edition, which comes with the above, and the special El Prez Edition which offers the above as well as in-game content including a “Tourist” outfit for El Prez as well as a Flamingo Pond for the palace. A digital soundtrack and calendar will also be awarded in the Standard Edition.

Kalypso has also detailed the upcoming Tropico 6 Beta which will be the most up to date version of the game, with all recently added content from the first beta, as well as an all-new mission and Sandbox Mode. It’ll also offer tutorials spanning four eras, three sandbox maps, and three full missions for players to dive into. It’ll also come with a bunch of improvements from the first beta.

Oh, and here’s a lovely live-action trailer featuring El Prez himself.

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Tropico 6 is expected to launch on January 25, 2019.

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