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At 1 PM EST on Thursday, November 22nd, Twitch will begin live streaming the first five seasons of the Pokémon anime. That’s 276 episodes, everything from the Indigo League up through Master Quest – it’ll take a little while to finish, so get those leftovers ready.

You can find the stream on the site’s Twitch Presents page, which has previously marathoned series like Yu Gi Oh!, Dr. Who and Saturday Night Live. This upcoming stream is considered a “mini-marathon” compared to the last Pokemon event, where Twitch partnered with the Pokemon Company to stream every season and 19 movies. We might not be getting quite as much this time around, but it’ll certainly help you through this holiday season.

This first round of live streams will run all the way until December 3rd, at 8 p.m. EST, and kickoff again on the 24th for a Christmas special that will run until January 3rd, 2019. Any excuse to get out of watching A Christmas Prince this year sounds good to me – and frankly, after all those Smash Bros. “Grinch leaks”, I’m personally not feeling the classics this year.

You can keep up to date with the marathon’s status through Twitch’s Twitter feed, and stay tuned here for more updates on Pokemon in the coming year.

Good luck surviving any random holiday family encounters, and Happy Thanksgiving!

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Remember to chew your food, and happy holidays!

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