With the creation of the Sony Universe of Marvel Characters – Catchy name, guys – It should come as no surprise that there’d be more “Sony Marvel” movies on the horizon. Especially when they announce the dates for two new films.

Sony have been very clear that the two dates, July 10, 2020, and October 2, 2020, will be based around their Spider-Man universe, the Spider-Man universe where Spider-Man seemingly doesn’t exist. July is set to be an all-new film, with the latter date set for a sequel.

While these next two movies are currently “unnamed”, there’s more than a few obvious candidates for what could be on the cards for Sony’s Marvel movies. Venom 2 is almost a sure-fire bet for the October movie. I mean, it ends with a tease for the villain we all want, and it made some decent money on release. Plus, seeing as Sony called out that it’ll be a sequel and let’s be real, we’re not going to be getting Amazing Spider-Man 3 here.

Venom Movie Still

So what could we be getting for the July movie? There’s more than a few choices here. We already know that there’s a Morbius movie that’s started production. You may have heard about it, it’s going to have Jared Leto in it, which only bodes well.

Considering the timeline for release, it’s a pretty safe bet that we’ll be getting the Mobius movie for the July, but that’s no fun when we can just speculate away.

One of the biggest rumors for July is the potential Kraven The Hunter film. While it’s been churning in the good ol’ rumor mill for a while now, we’ve yet to see a real confirmation from Sony on the Kraven The Hunter situation, but it’s interesting to potentially be getting a huge amount of Spidey villain movies out while Spider-Man doesn’t seemingly exist in this world.

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