Ubisoft has been the latest developer to chime in on the old Loot Box debate, this time regarding their upcoming title, Trials Rising.

Trials Rising was first announced back at E3, and in classic modern gaming fashion, there’s going to be Loot Boxes. As you can imagine, fans of the series have taken to the forums in mass to state their displeasure. Thankfully, one brave, brave Ubisoft representative by the name of Ubi_Warlock gave his 2 cents.

“As has been pointed out, these loot crates are purely cosmetic. I do appreciate why players feel the way they do about them (not a huge fan myself), however, as it was also pointed out, you can always just not buy them.

“Ultimately, they’re intended for players who want something to help them stand out from the crowd when playing online, or even just those who are big fans of the game and want to support us further.”

Ah, the classic “you can just not buy them” line. Of course, they are earnable in-game, but it’s often not that simple. There have been several reports on their links to gambling tendencies, and the addiction that can be caused. They’re not being investigated for no reason.

Trials Rising Screenshot

“Yes, it means that some players end up spending more on our games than others and that does result in increased profits for us. It also helps us to put more money into new titles and to understand what players look for in their games. If players simply didn’t buy these crates, they would not be added into games in future.

“All in all, loot crates / cosmetic items in general have been a huge boon for the Gaming Industry, being a driving factor in the increased popularity of Gaming over the past decade or so.”

It’s hard not to admire the honesty regarding the monetary aspect of their implementation. I’m pretty sure there are other ways to bring in the cash though. Again, it’s the blame on the players tactic, essentially stating that they’re squeezing the extra cash out of the fans because the fans will pay. It’s true, but it doesn’t excuse the often questioned morality of it all.

As for the past decade comment, this has not been the problem it is now for a decade, let’s be real here. DLC has been a hotly debated topic, but you cannot refer to loot boxes as downloadable content, they add nothing that playing the game cannot. It’s a classic statement, but at least Ubisoft has made one with some transparency, so there’s that.

What do you think? Has the implementation of Loot Boxes put you off Trials Rising? Do you agree with Ubisoft’s statement? Let us know in the comments below!

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