Welcome to Morroco! With year 3 Season 4 coming up the latest operation due to hit Rainbow Six Siege players screens titled “Wind Bastion” throws you into the heart of a Morrocan Kasbah.

“What the fuck is a kasbah?” I hear you ask! Well… It’s what I asked too and looking into what Ubisoft has released, as well as giving it a quick ol’ Google search, I’ve learned a Kasbah is where the local leader would live. With high walls built with defense in mind, we can really get a fortress vibe from essentially any picture on Google images.

But we are also promised “unprecedented roof access”, what could this mean? Attackers in Rainbow Six Siege have always been able to make full use of almost any roof, nothing new there, but how about Defenders having full access to the roof? Now that would be an interesting mechanic.

Him being the resident Commander, it all really gives an emphasis on defense. No names have been released as of yet, but with adjectives being thrown around such as “Stoic as the mountains are immovable” as well as  “Strict and imposing” it is hard not to be excited. Could this be the fabled “hole filling” operator that has been rumored for so long?

Rainbow Six Siege Operation Wind Bastion Header

Next up on the roster is what many are believing to be an Ash 2.0, straight out of Morocco! With Tweets from Ubisoft themselves hinting towards it, it’s not entirely impossible. Portrayed as to what seems to be quite the badass. From crossing the Sahara to climbing the Alps, Ubisoft is saying she can do all of this (and more) while still being able to return to her unit in operational shape.

What really hooks me in with this operator, aside from Ash 2.0, is a potential ability new to what we’ve seen from other operators prior. This quote from Ubisoft themselves stating “she’s an expert on environmental operations with a knack for pushing the enemy back”, what could this mean? Well, I don’t know for sure but the only way I can think of Ash being even more fun is to give her a Thundergun from Call of Duty Zombies. 

Okay, probably a tad OTT, but it would be fun wouldn’t it!

The full reveal of Rainbow Six Siege’s Operation Wind Bastion is set to take place during the Pro League Finals over on the game’s Twitch channel.

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