EA and BioWare’s new title Anthemreleasing February 22 2019, puts players in a hostile world piloting their advanced mech suits called Javelins which come in four distinct shapes and sizes; Ranger, Storm, Colossus, and Interceptor.

Each Javelin archetype serves as a different character class, possessing unique abilities and combat styles. Players can customize their Javelin and upgrade them as they go, owning multiple different Javelins to chop and change to match mission requirements. Each class comes with four unique skill sets, including one melee skill for closing the distance or knocking enemies from their feet and a support skill useful for bolstering your team’s defensive and offensive capabilities.

So here’s a brief rundown of just what each class is capable of!

The Ranger

Anthem Ranger JevelinPlayers just starting out will all receive a Ranger class Javelin in order to get themselves underway. The Ranger is each pilot’s first suit as it’s the versatile all rounder build, combining firepower and agility into a durable machine capable of almost anything. Ranger class mechs are able to take any weapon into battle, except for the Heavy Guns reserved for the Colossus builds.

Ranger Javelins are able to draw from an impressive arsenal of tricks and techniques including the Shock Mace melee ability, wade into battle with an electrified mace and get up close and personal.

The Grenade Gear allows the pilot to hurl a range of different grenades into a crowd dealing massive damage in mere moments.

  • Frag Grenade: Default setting used for dealing massive damage over a large area
  • Inferno Grenade: Set the area ablaze, consuming enemies in incandescent flames to deal damage over time
  • Frost Grenade: Freeze enemies where they stand whilst dealing a moderate amount of hurt
  • Seeker Grenade: Divides into smaller explosive charges that seek out nearby targets
  • Sticky Bomb: Sticks to a single target to deal a devastating blow

The Ranger’s Assault Launcher can be used to fire a devastating range of projectile attacks perfect for keeping the enemy at bay and the Ranger out of trouble.

  • Homing Missile: Default setting fires a seeking missile that deals a small area blast
  • Energy Pulse: Releases a burst of energy against a single target in a high damage attack
  • Spark Beam: Unleashes an energy beam capable of dealing continuous damage
  • Venom Darts: A volley of target seeking acid darts capable of melting through an enemy’s armour
  • Blast Missile: A “dumb” fire missile that explodes over a large area

A good pilot is able to use the Ranger Support Gear to aid their allies, creating rally points to gather the troops. The Bulwark Point generates a spherical energy field that deflects incoming enemy projectiles while the Muster Point increases friendly firepower, allowing those within to deal out extra damage.

Each Javelin class gets an Ultimate Ability, the Ranger being able to unleash the Multi-Target Missile Battery. Take to the skies and release a swarm of independent target tracking missiles which seek and destroy with extreme prejudice!

The Colossus


As the name would suggest, the Colossus is a bulky machine designed to take a beating while dishing it back out! Trading agility for armor, the Colossus class Javelins come equipped with a deployable shield and beefy Siege Cannon. Due to it’s larger size, the Colossus class Javelins are unable to wield pistols or SMGs, but it’s the only one capable of bringing the devastating Heavy Weapons to bear.

Utilizing it’s heavily armored chassis and mighty limbs in a two-pronged Heavy Smash attack. Dive towards the ground and unleash a slam attack capable of wiping out smaller minions and knocking others from their feet for your companions to follow up on.

The Colossus comes equipped with shoulder mounted Ordnance Launcher Gear for striking enemies both near and far with a mortar barrage of carnage.

  • High Explosive Mortar: Heavy projectile designed to decimate a large area of effect
  • Burst Mortar: A volley of smaller munitions that target a wider area
  • Firewall Mortar: Ignite a wall of fire to deal heavy damage to any attempting to pass through it
  • Lightning Coil: Randomly strike an enemy with a blast of electricity, priority targeting to enemies afflicted with a status effect
  • Shock Coil: A series of electrical blasts surrounds the Colossus, damaging all nearby enemies

Much like the Ranger, the Colossus comes with wrist-mounted weapons but with a substantially higher damage output from its own Heavy Assault Launcher Gear.

  • Heavy Cannon: Large targeted rocket attack
  • Flame Thrower: Continuous stream of intense fire
  • Flak Cannon: Short range missile barrage that arcs from the Colossus
  • Railgun: Single-target, high-velocity kinetic shell
  • Acid Spitter: High damage acid projectile to burn through enemy flesh

The Colosssus’ Support Gear like the Ranger has a dual function, using Taunt to draw enemy fire onto it’s heavily armoured hull and away from their more malleable allies or Deflector Pulse which bestows nearby allies with enhanced damage resistance for a time.

Colossus is able to bring the mighty Siege Cannon to bear when using its Ultimate Ability, dropping heavy ordnance on its enemies dealing massive damage; Perfect for boss fights or clearing a room!

The Interceptor

Anthem Interceptor JavelinThe Interceptor class is the small package good things come in, boasting the most maneuverable and agile attributes of all the Javelins. Interceptor class Javelins are perfect for nimble-assassin style players who enjoy being the light on their feet, able to get out of trouble as quickly as they run into it.

Utilizing the Interceptor’s unmatched agility, pilots can unleash a devastating series of blows with the Double-Bladed Daggers Melee Ability. These attacks can be continued indefinitely and used to deliver a massive amount of damage in a short time before dashing back out of danger.

Interceptor pilots are able to choose from an impressive array of skill abilities thanks to the Technique Gear which is broken down into three fields; Assault Systems, Strike Systems and Support Systems.

Assault Systems

  • Seeker Glaive: Razor sharp target seeking projectile attack
  • Acid Bomb: Explosive charge coated with highly corrosive acid that splashes all those nearby upon detonation
  • Cyro Glaive: A Seeker Glaive variant that freezes the target on contact
  • Cluster Mine: Lays a series of mines in the target area, perfect for trapping enemies
  • Spark Dash: Charge forward leaving a deadly trail of electricity to shock foes

Strike Systems

  • Star Strike: Imbues an enemy with a dangerous explosive energy that detonates after a time, causes extra damage if the target is defeated before detonation
  • Plasma Star: Long range plasma coated shuriken attack
  • Nova Strike: Projects a holographic copy of the Interceptor that will engage enemies that come into contact with it
  • Tempest Strike: Single target attack that can stun small enemies
  • Corrosive Spray: Releases a highly corrosive acid stream to damage all enemies it hits

The Interceptor’s Support Systems can be used to either designate a target for extra damage with Target Beacon, which will switch to another enemy if defeated or remove status effects from nearby allies with Rally Cry.

Pairing the Target Beacon with the Interceptors Ultimate Ability Assassin’s Blades can eliminate multiple enemies in blinding speed as the Interceptor becomes supercharged and draws the Assassin’s Blades, blitzing through the battlefield.

The Storm

Anthem's The Storm JavelinThe Storm Javelin is the most mysterious of all the exosuits, capable of wielding the awesome power of the Anthem itself by magi-technological Seals. Levitating above the ground thanks to the Dominion developed magi-tech, the Storm can deal out some devastating elemental attacks, however, it possesses little defensive protection of its own. Highly skilled pilots are needed and a solid squad to watch its back.

Storm pilots are able to use the Fiery Strike Melee Ability in order to deal an explosive flash of damage from the fire seals along its arms. The blast is able to knock back any enemies that have gotten too close, providing a chance to reposition further from the firing line.

Harnessing the elemental forces of the Anthem requires the Storm to attune its Kinesis Gear, drawing from Blast Seals and Focus Seals to access it’s unparalleled abilities.

Blast Seals

  • Lightning Strike: Direct a powerful lightning blast towards a target area
  • Ice Storm: Damaging ice shards coat the ground, building into a chilling explosion
  • Flame Burst: Instant fire blast that targets a designated location
  • Rime Blast: Unleash a wave of icy projectiles that damage and freeze close-up enemies
  • Living Flame: A target seeking fire blast that ignites enemies it passes

Focus Seals

  • Hoarfrost Shards: Rapidly launch a series of icy shards to slowly freeze an enemy in place
  • Fireball: Release a rapid fire stream of fiery bolts or charge for a high powered explosive projectile
  • Ball Lightning: An electrically charged projectile capable of bouncing around cover to damage enemies
  • Glacial Beam: Powerful direct ice beam attack
  • Arc Burst: A lightning blast that will chain across nearby enemies

Support Seals from the Storm Javelin are focused on either damage avoidance with Wind Wall deflecting incoming attacks or aiding allies damage output with the Nexus which reduces gear cool down for teammates within its boundaries.

The Storm’s Ultimate Ability releases a devastating tri-fecta of elemental chaos with successive blasts of ice, fire and lightning tapped directly from the Anthem itself, culminating in a meteor scale explosion.

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