You can now watch a collection of movies on YouTube for the low, low cost of a couple of ad interruptions.

Whilst the current selection is relatively small, at roughly 100 features, there are definitely some classics of note present, from macho leading man action flicks Rocky and The Terminator, to the hilarious rom-com Legally Blonde.

Apparently, the “free to watch” section has been live on the site since October, but not much fanfare has been made about the new service until the past week. The additions join YouTube’s pre-existing movies, available to buy or rent, coming as a result of increased traffic on the site from smart televisions.

The advertisements will pop-up in a similar fashion to YouTube’s user-created content, but in more regular intervals as opposed to at the channel’s will. This could benefit both users and advertisers, since as the collection of movies grow there could be opportunities for sponsorship/exclusive screening deals, ensuring quality on all sides.

It remains to be seen how successful the service will be, and whether or not this will push YouTube to rival similar ad-based streamers like Hulu, but it is certainly an interesting step forward for the company nonetheless.

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