It’s being reported that a YouTube App will be coming to the Nintendo Switch sometime this week.

Nintendo’s approach to marketing regarding the Switch has been fairly different when comparing the early stages of its seventh generation console competition. For the Nintendo Switch, it has been about gaming, front and center, whether that is on the go, at home, with friends or even with friends on the go. This may change now, with rumors of a dedicated YouTube app coming to Nintendo’s big console hope.

Sony and Microsoft, particularly the latter, have been pushing their consoles from a multimedia angle early on, everything you wanted to watch on your TV set should have run through their newest consoles first. Nowadays all kinds of streaming services, from Spotify to Netflix and YouTube, are available on both the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One. Now Nintendo seems to follow suit, at least with a YouTube app of their own.

First spotted by NintendHOME in a listing on the North American site, the rumor still lacks confirmation, but apparently, the app is coming November 8. YouTube on the Nintendo Switch seems like a step in the right direction and the thought of a Netflix app on the console doesn’t seem too far off as a next step, especially considering its portable nature. One thing at a time, I guess.

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