It’s the most wonderful time of the year, once again! Christmas Movie Marathons are sweeping the globe, huddling up under a blanket on the sofa with a hot chocolate and a bucket of popcorn is the rule of the month! Question is….where do you start? What do you tag onto that list of movies to celebrate the Yule Tide joy?

Luckily we have your back and the following list of movies is sure not to disappoint! Sit back, relax and enjoy the world’s greatest Christmas Movie Marathon!

The Muppet Christmas Carol

The Christmas Carol is a classic, you throw Michael Caine and the expansive Muppets cast into the mix and you have yourself a winner! Catchy tunes, comedy and classic cinematic moments create one wholesome movie set to leave the whole family feeling the Christmas spirit!

Every year the song “One More Sleep…” plays as Bob Cratchit (Kermit) walks past the Penguin’s Annual Skating Party and wanders home. Rizzo hunts his jelly beans and takes a bite out of a wax apple, Gonzo falls in love with a chicken and the usual chaos resumes. Come in, and know me better man!

Arthur Christmas

James McAvoy voicing poor Arthur Christmas, Santa’s youngest son in this mad-cap dash to deliver one kid’s forgotten present. It’s got thrills, spills, and excellent animation from start to finish! The movie perfectly encapsulates everything amazing about Christmas, in one delightful package!

Arthur, Grand Santa, and Bryony (an elf from Wrapping) go above and beyond the call of duty in order to deliver the last Christmas and save the holiday! It’s witty, it’s fun and it’s animated. It’s quite literally fun for the whole family with a couple of cracks that will go right over the kids’ heads.

Jingle All the Way

Arnold Schwarzenegger trying his best to acquire the hottest Christmas gift for his son, on Christmas Eve, the second craziest shopping day of the year.

Nothing screams Christmas more than Arnie charging around various shopping malls in order to deliver the perfect Christmas for his family against all odds.

Die Hard

Is totally a Christmas movie regardless of what Bruce Willis says. He might have been John McClane but he is wrong here. Die Hard is a Christmas Classic, without it it’s just not Christmas! It’s got a soundtrack full of Christmas tracks, the bad guy getting his come-upance and the good guy getting the girl!

Hell, it even has presents for everyone in the form of it bearer bonds falling from the sky.


Okay a little off the beaten path, but Christmas is all about “A pet is not just for Christmas” and nothing says that better than a bunch of scaly evil monsters and an adorable fuzzball attempting to put them back in their place. Badass tooling up montage and a Gremlin murder spree is not the most Christmassy of things, but it somehow works?

Gremlins taught me the serious life lesson; Don’t eat after midnight, shit gets WEIRD.

Jack Frost

The Vulture drives off of a cliff in a snowstorm then gets brought back to life as his son’s Snowman the year after the accident thanks to a magic harmonica.

There are awesome snowball fights, snowboarding scenes, and a couple of great ball jokes for a PG movie. All jokes aside, it’s a very entertaining movie and no Christmas movie marathon is complete without it!

Rise of the Guardians

Jack Frost (not the snowman) falls through the ice saving his sister’s life thousands of years ago. The Man in the Moon, seeing this heroic moment resurrects him as an immortal and makes him a Guardian.

Mischief and intrigue as Jack teams up with Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy and Sandman in order to save children’s belief all over the globe, restoring their faith in all the childhood myths and fairy tales. What’s more Christmas than that?

The Polar Express

Seeing is believing, after all. This animated tale of childhood wonder is nothing if not a metaphor for the count-down to Christmas; the long journey, the building anticipation, the joyous bemusement, and the cold light of reality… all wrapped up in a shiny red bow!

With Tom Hanks as your conductor on this train ride of seasonal wonder, you’re in for a holiday classic.

The Santa Clause

Fluffy white beards, red suites, brass buttons, murder… this movie really does come with all the festive trimmings. When a divorcee dad sends the current Santa Clause packing on the ‘longest of holidays’ and finds himself left to fill the boots of this jolly old soul hearts are bound to thaw with the warmth of personal growth… I guess.

Hiding in denial Tim Allen, as Santa Scott Calvin, experiences a very relatable side effect of the season — weight gain, grey hairs, and new wrinkles… but he is becoming Santa Clause after all, your Uncle Jimmy doesn’t have that excuse, he’s just lazy!

Home Alone

A hell raiser of a kid left alone over Christmas, it’s a classic, and can you believe that the antics of Macaulay Culkin in this film are before all the ‘fun’ — we’d have loved a remake during the dark days… we were all thinking it, I’m just the one saying it.

Although we could sit and argue the realism of this holiday tale, like you are forced to do with ‘that’ person every year, you can’t deny that it’s slap-stick fun! But maybe keep the younger more impressionable viewers away from this one… or hide all marbles, batteries, nerf guns- it’s your choice!

Edward Scissorhands

He’s weird yet strangely charming… and no, we aren’t talking about Johnny Depp. This film summarises everything the holiday season is, and how it makes many of us feel… alone, false, inadequate, and frankly deranged. Well, that’s my household anyway.

Featuring the truly wonderful, and clinically bizarre Vincent Price, this film creeps onto the list of heart wrenching cinema. A character with a beautiful heart, albeit mechanical — we hope, best sums up the childlike innocence that Christmas is all about. Despite the snow, it can warm your heart.

White Christmas

Third best Christmas movie of all time. Bing Crosby’s “White Christmas” is the most bought Christmas song of all time for a damned reason. White Christmas is an absolute classic, tasteful, classy and full of amazing musical numbers.

Nothing brings Christmas home than watching Bing Crosby sing about the snow, while you look out the window and see nothing but the bleak grey British skyline.


The Grinch

Dr. Seuss’ The Grinch is another Christmas classic. Two words: Lightbulb Cannon. Jim Carrey’s Grinch is simply iconic, the man is a comedy genius and it shows.

The Grinch brings together both sides of Christmas; The resounding Christmas joy and spirit of giving with all the grumbling and angry yelling that comes with it. It’s a timeless classic!


And there you have it, plenty of Christmas movies (and some surprises too) to keep you entertained up until the festive season is well and truly over.

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