It’s time for things to mega as 5 more teens are tasked with the saving the world in Power Rangers Megaforce as we patiently wait for the big anniversary event coming up.

I know it sounds harsh but I think fans of the Power Rangers and Super Sentai franchise were all just around waiting for the next seasons which promised to be a corker, but more on that next week since you’ve got to have your mains before the treat at the end, right?

So let’s join High School Students Troy, Emma, Jake, Gia, Noah and, their cybernetic pal, Robo Knight.

Another Similar Theme To Mighty Morphin

Power Rangers Samurai had very similar theme to Mighty Morphin’ so why fix something that isn’t broken? Megaforce treats us to another homage theme, but that’s the last dose of nostalgia this season dishes out. 

The First Android Ranger Since Operation Overdrive 

Mac was the first robotic entity to don a Morpher and now Robo Knight has joined the fray. Though I suppose it could be argued that Robo Knight doesn’t look like your traditional Power Ranger since most Rangers wear a spandex bodysuit and don a helmet and Robo Knight looks more like the Magna Defender from Lost Galaxy as both sport an armor.

First Cliffhanger Since Turbo

Not since the Turbo Rangers had lost against Divatox and were forced to leave the Earth in search of Zordon has a season ended with a cliffhanger. As the bad guys were on the verge of victory again fans were getting very excited for the next season that’s on the horizion.

A Season Packed With Homages

Gee you would’ve thought a big anniversary was on the way with how heavily Power Rangers Megaforce trades in nostalgia. I mean Gosei, a floating heading living in a magically hidden bunker, is a homage to Zordon, you had a team of rangers at High School just like the original five, and the kids also hang out at a Juice Bar just like they did in the first season. Coinecidence? I think not.

Have I missed any Mega facts out? Let us know in the comments!

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