The Disney-era of Power Rangers races to the finishing line with RPM who closes out this period of the show’s history and finishing off the 2000s. If you want to sum up the Disney era of Power Rangers I guess you could say that it’s always re-inventing itself.

From the usual setting of teens battling evil aliens to Police Officers fighting crime in the future, not one season is the same. You did have similarities, like the Power Rangers having superpowers or the Rangers wearing uniforms, but each time it was an effort to do things differently.

So for the last time in the name of Mickey Mouse, let’s talk about four facts from Power Rangers RPM and the adventures of Scott, Flynn, Summer, Ziggy, Dillon, Gem and Gemma.

This season is set in an alternate timeline

The setting for RPM was a bit different since it’s set in its own timeline compared to the other series’. This one was a Dystopian timeline where the Venjix Computer Network had taken over the world with pollution machines were forcing humanity to take refuge in shielded cities.

The first season with Twin Rangers

Ranger doubles aren’t a new thing. You had it in Power Rangers Ninja Storm with the Thunder Rangers, and of course, you had bromances like Zack and Jason in Mighty Morphin, but RPM took it a step further.

That step further was twins Gem and Gemma being the first twin ranger duo to wield a morpher.

Power Rangers RPM Gem and Gemma

Final Single Season

Since the Mighty Morphin era, it was always decided that it was one season and that was your lot for a team of Rangers. That was about to change after RPM and that leads me nicely into the fourth fact.

The last Disney season

Yes, you know that already, but what happened next? Did the show fade in obscurity never to be heard from again? Well, no it didn’t as Saban took back its toys and begun the Neo Saban era.

Though we’ll talk about that more next time.

Have I missed out a fact? Let us know in the comments!

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