Power Ranger Super Samurai

It’s time to get super cereal as the Samurai Rangers are back for a second season of beating up dudes in rubber suits as the Neo-Saban era tries to squeeze a few extra pennies out of the Power Rangers franchise.

The first ‘super’ seasons saw the Rangers gain new weapons and Zords, and do battle with bigger and more powerful threats whilst also plugging some new toys for the franchise at the same time.

So Jayden, Kevin, Mia, Mike Emily, Antonio return for another season to battle evil. Though things aren’t as simple as newcomer Lauren arrives on the scene disrupting things and causing history…

It was the first super season

As we’ve mentioned it was the first ‘super’ season, a season which saw the Rangers gain new powers, weapons, and Zords.

Though most occasions just saw the team receive some silly looking battle armor or a new Zord to sell toys, it did set up the 20th Anniversary, but more about that another time…

The season had the first female Red Ranger

Of course, we had the White Alien Ranger but this was a first since we had first female Red Ranger as Jayden’s sister Lauren made her debut.

How do you tell the male and female Red Samurai Ranger apart? Well one of them is wearing a skirt, just in case you get confused…

The RPM Crossover was a TV special

We’ve seen the crossover before in Power Rangers all the way back in when the Zeo Rangers meet the Alien Rangers.

Samurai did something a little different though, with a special episode which saw the Red RPM Ranger going on an inter-dimensional adventure to the main Power Rangers Universe.

The first season to carry on a story since in Space

That’s right, this the first team since the In Space Rangers who couldn’t finish out their baddies in one season so they needed to get into extra time.

I mean a multi-season story should have more depth than one, but I’ll leave that up to you to decide for yourself.

Have I missed any out? Let us know in the comments!

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