A select lucky few among you might have been graced by a brand new Xbox One under the tree this year, and you’ll be aching to get it all fired up, get that update finished and install some games. But what games? I hear you ask. Let me take you on a journey.

Xbox Game Pass

Xbox Game Passgets regularly updated with some of the console’s best titles

Ok, it’s not a game. It’s a bloody lot of games. If you’ve just got your hands on an Xbox One then Xbox Game Pass is an incredible option if you want access to some amazing titles for one, affordable price. You’ll even get access to some of the games below. Bargain!

Xbox Game Pass is a monthy or yearly subscription that gives you access to the latest Microsoft titles as well as classics from the previous generations. Want to go relive the glory days on Halo? Be my guest. Not sure about that new title? A month here is a cheap alternative should you be sat on the fence.

Forza Horizon 4

Forza Horizon 4 brings the thrill of driving to the shores of the UK

Forza Horizon 4 brings the magic formula to the shores of the UK, offering an ever-changing view of the glorious British countryside. From knackered of Fords to the latest exotic supercars, you can get behind the wheel of whatever takes your fancy, however, you fancy. It took the Sports Game of the Year nod for a reason, after all.

We all rated Forza Horizon 4 highly, scoring it 9/10 in our review: “Forza Horizon 4 is comfortably the best racer of the year. There’s so much on offer here that anyone with even a remote interest in cars can find something they enjoy. Without really trying the title encapsulates the core of car culture. With all the planned content, Forza Horizon 4 is sure to be a title player’s will be picking up for months to come.”

State of Decay 2

Batter up!

What better way to celebrate Christmas than by swinging a bat at some zombies? State of Decay 2 offers one of the best zombie survival experiences available anywhere, as you take your group of survivors and build your community.

Will you be the helpful bunch that makes friends with everyone? Or are you going to be an even bigger threat than the zombies? You can choose how you impact the world around you, so long as you survive. State of Decay 2 is a fantastic choice for anyone after a great solo or cooperative experience.

Sea of Thieves

Ahoy there!

Sea of Thieves is a bit of a marmite title I must admit. You either love the style and gameplay, or you hate it. If you’re a fan of the pirate theme and the idea of manning your own ship, then Sea of Thieves might just be the title for you.

In our review, our main concern was the lack of content. Thankfully the title has had some major content additions over the game’s duration, which have helped to pad out the experience. This is a title best explored with friends, so get them online and hit the high seas, sailor!


An unmissable classic

Cuphead is one of those titles that comes once in a blue moon. A title that looks to capture that retro gaming style and feeling and does so fantastically. If you want a title that’s going to challenge you in the most unforgiving manner, then look no further.

Aaron, while the last person we’d expect to like a challenge, loved Cuphead, scoring the title 9.3/10 in his review: “Cuphead has achieved what many ‘retro’ platformers can only aim for and that’s the frustration, the difficulty, as well as the sense of achievement you get from completing a level.”

There you have it, folks. 5 cracking options for your first Xbox One purchase. If you’re sold on any of these, let us know below! We’d love to know what you’re playing over the holidays!

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