Actor Donald Moffat, best known for his roles in ‘The Thing’ and ‘Clear and Present Danger’, has sadly passed away, aged 87.

Moffat sadly passed away on Thursday while in hospice care at Kendal on Hudson, a retirement community located in Sleepy Hollow, New York. His Daughter, Lynn Moffatt, has said that the complications of a recent stroke were the cause of her father’s passing.

Lynn Moffat spoke with the New York Times in a telephone interview, describing her father’s arrival into the United States from his birthplace, in Devonshire England.

“One reason he was anxious to leave England was the class system,”
Lynn Moffat said to the New York Times. “He hated it. And he loved Americans.

“He met many American G.I.s in Totnes, in Devonshire, where he lived as a boy. It was in the American sector for the D-Day invasions. He also met many Americans after the war at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts, where he studied, including his first wife, Anne Murray.”

Donald Moffat playing Garry in 'The Thing' in 1982.
Donald Moffat as Garry in the 1982 classic, ‘The Thing’

Donald Moffat is well known for his role as Garry in the 1982 hit, ‘The Thing’ Directed by John Carpenter. Garry was the commander of Outpost 31 and was overseeing the facility at the time in which the alien organism broke free in an attempt to replicate and replace the occupants.

The late actor’s last credit is for his role as Judge Matthew Sherwood in ‘Law & Order: Trial By Jury’ back in 2005, marking the end of a long, storied career.

Donald Moffat was born in Plymouth, England on December 26, 1930. Moffat is survived by his wife Gwen Arner; children Lynn, Kathleen, Gabriel, and Catherine; ten grandchildren, and three great-grandchildren. We extend our sympathies and best wishes to Moffat’s family in this difficult time.

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