New footage from BioWare’s upcoming game Anthem has been streamed over on their official Twitch channel, showing off over 40 minutes of new gameplay from the Interceptor Javelin and Strongholds.

Think of Strongholds similar in terms of dungeons or even Destiny raids where a team of four of you can run through co-operatively and reach the end objective battling through waves of enemies and different factions.

This is the first time fans got to see gameplay of the Interceptor in combat and they weren’t disappointed! As all three lead developers took a Javelin class each ranging from the Storm, Colossus and the Interceptor, we were told that this Interceptor was specifically a melee build class which led to a lot of speedy takedowns through the use of it’s combat knives, hyper speed movement, close range shotgun tactics to get out of those sticky situations and it’s super fast Ultimate ability that ripped through most enemies in seconds.

The Stronghold involved the team having to go through a number of objectives such as killing waves of enemies, everyone having to pick up explosive barrels to burst open the main door whilst under attack, taking out mini bosses amongst acid filled rooms over a time limit and all whilst attempting to keep each other alive throughout the aggressive ordeal. This was only half of the Stronghold shown until they were cut off due to time constraints on the stream.

Watch all the explosive, action packed footage below that was streamed from the Anthem official Twitch channel:

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I know many have their doubts about Anthem due to EA and BioWare’s recent business practices and attention to detail in their products but I still believe Anthem deserves a chance at least being a new IP and possibly a really good co-operative outing that we haven’t had too many of on this recent generation of consoles. If you wanted to know more about the story of Anthem then you can watch their most recent story trailer here.

Anthem will release on PS4, Xbox One & PC on February 22, 2019.

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