Brooklyn Nine-Nine season 6 finally has a trailer, which sees Andy Samberg play the action star he so clearly is in his mind.

In a seasonally-appropriate homage to Jake’s favorite movie, Die Hard, the clip shows Brooklyn’s (nay, the world’s) finest detective pitching his idea for the precinct’s new recruitment video. Safe to say, it’s detached from reality in the most Peralta way possible, much to Captain Holt and the rest of the squad’s dismay.

It’s great to see that the tone from previous seasons has carried over to the new network, it really seems that NBC (who saved the show from cancellation back in May) isn’t stifling the writing team and letting them give the fans more of what they loved about the show in the first place.

There are a couple of versions of the trailer floating around online, with a few different takes on the cut back to the Nine-Nine, which, when put together, are making the wait for the season’s launch on January 10 all the more difficult.

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