Treyarch is looking to go down a similar route to Fortnite with Call of Duty: Black Ops 4‘s battle royale mode, Blackout, in that it’ll be changing the map rather than adding new ones.

The first teaser comes by the way of Treyarch’s Twitter account which includes a short video showing a radar with a blip just off the shore of the Construction Site. Does this mean we’ll be seeing some new additions to the map, or will this blip do something to dramatically change the map?

Check out the Tweet below:

There are many theories floating around as to what this could be. The first is that it’s a homage to the Black Ops 2 map, Carrier, which wouldn’t be unusual to see as we already have recreations of Firing Range, Cargo, and Nuketown within Blackout. However, there is another more plausible rumor…

According to Charlie Intel, everyone’s favorite floor roller, Neymar Jr., recently hosted a live stream of Blackout (because why not?) and ahead of the stream he took to Instagram to announce timings. Eagle-eyed fans spotted something behind the Brazilian forward: a poster for Hijacked – another Black Ops 2 map, this time one that’s on a cruise ship rather than a military aircraft carrier.

Out of the two, Hijacked would make an interesting but insignificant addition (it’s just not THAT big), however, this could just be Treyarch testing the waters to see how fans react and how the map deals with being changed up somewhat. Perhaps future updates will be more significant.

There’s currently no word on when this Blackout update will arrive.

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