March 30, 2007. The closing episode of one the most satirical of comedies, Celebrity Deathmatch. Since then people have always asked who would win in a fight with no answer. We have been left in the dark on many of life’s unanswerable questions. Andrew Garfield vs Toby Maguire. Justin Beiber vs Kanye West.

These are bouts we may finally see in the rumored, upcoming reboot of Celebrity Deathmatch. Said to be brought back to life by Ice Cube and MTV Studios in 2019.

Originally airing back in 1998 and running through to 2002, Celebrity Deathmatch poked fun at innumerable influential people from actors to politicians, alive and deceased, as well as during its brief revival between 2006-2007.

Ice Cube is said to not only be a producer on the project but is also said to be an executive producer, working with his Cube Vision production company. A fantastic choice when you remember all the hard man roles he has played in a large number of Action and Comedy movies. Working alongside Ice Cube will be original series creator, Eric Fogel, will be returning as an executive producer.

Celebrity Deathmatch Screencap

Not only are MTV Studios looking to reboot the claymation classic, but there is also a long list of MTV classics set to join the list. These include Daria, Aeon Flux, and many more.

Are you as excited as me for this revival? Let us know down below which dream match-ups you look forward to hopefully seeing.

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