Limited Run Games has announced a limited collector’s edition is being made for 2018 Indie darling, Celeste.

Those with a love of platforming should already be familiar with indie title Celeste and its protagonist Madeline. Created by video game developers Matt Thorson and Noel Berry, ‘Celeste‘ released in January 2018 across multiple platforms, and to critical acclaim.

Multiple nominations and awards at events such as The Golden Joystick Awards and The Game Awards 2018 cemented ‘Celeste‘ as a success in more ways than financial, and the conversations of ‘Game of the Year’ all seemed to share the same sentiment that ‘Celeste‘ is something really special.

So it is no surprise that a ‘Collectors Edition’ has been announced, with a run of limited edition copies available for pre-order through Limited Run Games. Both the Nintendo Switch and the Playstation 4 versions of the game will receive these limited edition copies, with 2,500 being made for the Switch, and a further 2,000 Playstation 4 editions. Despite the split across platforms, both editions share the same list of contents, so no fear of missing out due to personal preference!

The full list of contents as outlined on the product page are as follows:

  • A beautiful debossed Celeste SteelBook®
  • 16″ X 20″ Poster of Celeste Mountain
  • Strawberry plush keychain
  • Cassette soundtrack
  • Sticker sheet
  • Celeste Mountain patch
  • Celeste Mountain postcard
  • Strawberry pie recipe card
  • Download code for the full digital soundtrack
  • And, of course, a physical copy of the game itself

Listed at $79.99 for the Switch and $74.99 for the PS4, both editions come region free, so don’t let the currency scare you. PlayStation would make for an excellent gift for someone already familiar with the title, but also an extremely safe bet for those unaware, but have a penchant for the Platformer genre. These will be expected to shift fairly quickly, so be sure to head over to Limited Run Games on January 1 at 10 AM EST for when pre-orders go on sale.

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