Bohemia Interactive has today announced that on December 13, DayZ will launch out of Early Access on Steam.

Here’s a bit of news that’ll have you spit-taking. DayZ is apparently at a state for full release… This is about as hilarious as PUBG Corp. releasing PUBG out of Early Access when it did. But apparently, it’s happening, and we should be prepared for the inevitable shit storm of fans complaining about the game’s state.

So here’s the thing, DayZ – the standalone version of an ARMA mod – launched into Steam’s Early Access in 2013. It took Bohemia Interactive five years to get the game to beta – which it launched publicly in November. Now, just a month later, Bohemia Interactive is announcing that DayZ will be launching on December 13.

Forgive me if I seem cynical at this point, but that does make me giggle slightly.

In the press release sent out today, Bohemia claims that development has since shifted to focus on bug fixing since the Beta update, and will work to improve the overall content and features coming in the 1.0 update. In total, they say that they’ve identified over 400 issues since the beta, and has solved nearly 900 issues plaguing the game (both new and ones reported before the beta).

DayZ 1.0 Screenshot

The 1.0 update is expected to arrive on Thursday, December 13 at 7PM CET. DayZ will then go from the Early Access Alpha price of $34.99 / £22.99 / €27.99 to a full release price of $44.99 / £31.99 / €37.99.

So if you’re looking to grab the game at a discounted price before release, now is probably the best time.

DayZ has also landed on Xbox Game Preview, with a full launch scheduled for Early 2019. A PS4 release has also been confirmed for late 2019.

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