Director Scott Derrickson is set to return and take the helm of the sequel to his 2016 Marvel entry Doctor Strange.

The Sorcerer Supreme is set to re-appear on our screens May 7 2021; one of the pre-confirmed release dates outlined by Marvel Studios. This means the movie is likely to start shooting sometime in 2020, and released in the same year as the highly anticipated Black Panther 2.

As we get closer and closer to the release of Avengers: Endgame, we can expect to learn more about the future of the MCU, which is currently shrouded in mystery. So far, we know of the upcoming Captain Marvel and Spider Man: Far From Home (set for a March 8 2019 and July 5 2019 release respectively), but from here onwards details regarding future films are few and far between.

Dr Stange screenshot

It’s pretty safe to assume that these characters will form the new core of the Avengers as the original cast begin to retire from their current roles (Tony Stark is stranded in space after all), with Stephen Strange being an obvious leader figure for this new-look team.

There’s still an awfully long wait until we see any more news on the story or set photos for Doctor Strange 2, let alone a trailer, but at least we have some mighty exciting titles to keep us distracted along the way.

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