Another “mistake” and more pissed off Fallout 76 fans, this time over secretive changes made through the game’s latest patches. Honestly Bethesda, now I’m starting to think you’re just doing this shit for attention…

The most recent update for Fallout 76, version, has given players an upgraded stash limit along with several other fixes. After the update went live, players started to discover multiple changes that the patch had not mentioned. New drop rates/limits and fixes to particular exploits players have been taking advantage of since launch, are just a few examples.

In typical angry gamer fashion, numerous Reddit threads are now open, full of players calling out any change(s) they might have found after the patch. Obviously, quality of life changes are to be expected. Things like altering resources or the in-game economy are common for a live service game. The problem lies with Bethesda failing to report these changes ahead of the patch, which of course means gamers will take the changes as a negative improvement.

Honestly, this probably wouldn’t have been such a huge deal if the balance between Bethesda and their consumers hadn’t become so uneasy as of late. After multiple chances to get out in front of whatever marketing or internal changes they were making regarding Fallout 76, and multiple missed opportunities to do so, it’s pretty clear why Bethesda and Fallout 76 have been under a microscope. The consistent theme with Bethesda has been miscommunication, so this latest lack of communication shouldn’t come as much of a surprise.

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Bethesda has since released a statement promising to be more transparent with patch notes moving forward.

“For the upcoming patch – and all future patches – our goal is to deliver accurate, comprehensive notes. If we miss something, we’ll work to get it right and deliver the information to you as quickly as we can.”

They later revealed that this week’s Fallout 76 update will launch on PC a day before it launches on consoles. Bethesda claimed that they don’t want to hold back PC fixes since that version is the fastest to patch.

In the grand scheme of things, this is a nitpicking issue that falls on the gaming community. Patches help improve games, usually. If a patch releases it’s to fix something. So, getting upset over the game you’re playing being improved on, especially when this is what we have been calling for since launch, is pretty ridiculous. Don’t get me wrong, I love transparency, but if the changes, disclosed or not, are improving your overall experience… couldn’t we just let it slide, even if it’s just once?

All that being said, hopefully Bethesda will hold true to their promises of being more transparent, it would be nice to cover other news than this perpetual dumpster fire.

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