CD Projekt RED and Capcom announced early this week that Geralt of Rivia from the world famous Witcher series of books and games will be looking for contracts in New World of Monster Hunter: World.

So far little is known other than that Geralt will appear in the game, console first, followed shortly by PC, in a similar manner to that of the Behemoth quest from Final Fantasy XV. Everyone’s favorite mutant monster hunter will be bringing characteristic gameplay mechanics from The Witcher to the world of Monster Hunter, allowing hunters to utilize unique swordplay, combat magic and gadgets and gizmos to bring down their familiar targets.

Doug Cockle will be returning as the English voice of Geralt indicating that the collaboration is no small feat and will not be just a one-hour wonder for quests. The White Wolf comes as a no-brainer for expansion content for Monster Hunter: World, given a Witcher’s duty.

Geralt’s inclusion in Monster Hunter: World comes as the first of two major announced updates to the titles with Capcom undoubtedly planning many more.

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