Hades, Supergiant’s latest IP gameplay and story elements have been revealed, and it looks rather promising.

In a surprising turn of events, Supergiant Games released their next title during The Game Awards 2018. Not only did it release into Early Access, but it did so on Epic’s new Steam-like platform.

Hades is Supergiant’s newest title, and yet another first in terms of genre for the studio. This time around they’re exploring the rogue-like genre with a God of War meets Dark Souls approach. As with all of their other titles, Hades retains that familiar, gorgeous art style and soundtrack that Supergiant is known for.

Hades is a rogue-like dungeon crawler that sees you assume the role of Zagreus, a son of Hades, as he fights to escape the pits of the Underworld. The gameplay of Hades is what you would expect from any Rogue-like. Your runs through the game see you collecting items and killing enemies until the inevitable point where you die. Upon death you’re resurrected, you level up, and start a new run. Each new run sends you through a different assortment of rooms, and your new abilities let you progress a bit farther. Along your journey, you’ll encounter Greek gods and figures from the mythos who will either help you or attempt throw a wrench into your cause.

Hades is considered a “living game”, meaning it is still in active development. As it stands now, a run through their early access version only involves about 27 rooms, but what they have delivered so far is beyond promising. Hades seems to be following in similar fashion to what Dead Cells did. As a constantly growing, evolving title, people who purchase the game now can expect regular updates and patches which will introduce new features, characters, weapons, events, powers, environments, bosses, etc. Like Dead Cells, developing Hades in Early Access will allow Supergiant to make the very best possible game they can by utilizing an endless supply of player critique and feedback.

Be sure to check out the fresh new Hades gameplay from Gameinformer below, and let us know your thoughts in the comments section!

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