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Halo Infinite was first announced at E3 this year, and following a Mixer stream, we now have our first details for the upcoming shooter.

Halo Infinite will see the return of 4-player Split-Screen multiplayer, following the exclusion of the fan-favorite feature from Halo 5. The removal of the feature was always stated as a “difficult decision” when Halo 5 dropped without the feature, so it’s nice to see the title going back to its roots in that regard.

On the topic of going back to its roots, it is still unknown how the HCS Grassroots program will play out with Halo Infinite, although we can most likely expect there to be some official tournaments run come the title’s release.

The remaining features announced have been lovingly posted on Reddit, and it seems fans of customization will be most pleased. Black Undersuits have been confirmed for Halo Infinite. That’s the bit that’s not made of metal, for those wondering. The art department has expressed that they are well aware of the high demand for the feature to return. The customization is also set to be similar to that of Halo Reach, which has often been regarded as the franchises best offering with regards to character customization. It needs to make up for the fucking DMR Bloom somehow.

343 are in the process of putting together a Pro Team for Halo Infinite, and no I don’t mean for competition. This is a team of Profesional players from the Halo scene who are brought in to help develop the multiplayer. They have insisted that they want Infinite to be approachable by players of all skill levels, and by players new and old. Classic Halo, please…

There’s no word yet on a release date for Halo Infinite, but I’d like to think if they’re only just putting together a pro team, then we won’t see the title until at least 2020. You can watch the full trailer for Halo Infinite below.

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Halo Infinite reveal trailer. E3 2018

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