Hellboy Reboot Movie Poster

IGN has officially announced that they will exclusively reveal the debut trailer for the new Hellboy reboot on their IGN First format. They have also stated that the trailer will premiere on Thursday, December 20 at either 6am PT/9am ET/2pm UK or 9am PT/noon ET/5pm UK.

Lionsgate is eager to get the ‘Big Red’ on your screens as soon as possible, promotion for the film is steadily increasing with more on-set photos being shown, an abundance of posters, sneak peek comic-con footage and now confirmation of a first trailer.

Although it may be sad to many that we’ll be leaving behind Guillermo Del Toro’s unfinished trilogy with the equally entertaining Ron Perlman at the helm, reports are telling us that we’ll now be getting a Hellboy that is extremely close to the source material from the comics and a much more grittier demon in the form of Stranger Things actor David Harbour. It makes me intrigued and excited to see this new take on the franchise and I hope it succeeds in it’s storytelling that should resonate amongst todays superhero audiences, giving Hellboy more of a chance to shine among movie-goers this time around.

With a firm cast consisting of David Harbour, Milla Jovovich, Ian McShane, Daniel Dae Kim and Sasha Lane, this could be telling of possibly one of the best variations of Hellboy we’ll see on the big screen! I’m ready to feel the burn, are you?

Hellboy is scheduled to be released in theaters on April 12, 2019 in the U.S. and the UK.

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