The first full Hellboy trailer has premiered and it is full of all the badassery you’d expect from the titular demon prince. 

After a teaser indicating the trailer would premiere tomorrow, December 20, the trailer seems to have been released a day early. Not that anyone is complaining, many fans have been dying for their first true look at what this reboot would bring.

First and foremost, that is a face only a mother could love. Obviously, Hellboy is no Victoria’s Secret model (as interesting as that’d be), but holy shit, that face is the stuff of nightmares. It’s like they took Ron Pearlman’s Hellboy, locked him in a windowless room for a decade and introduced him to the magic of crack cocaine. 

The makeup seems better in some scenes than others, and honestly, I’d be more upset if they made a “pretty” version of Hellboy, but seriously, that face is haunting. 

Cocaine is a hell of a drug…

ANYWAY. The trailer gives us a good indicator that while there will certainly be a lot of monster mayhem, Hellboy still has his sarcastic demeanor. The trailer shows off all sorts of monsters, from vampires to cyclops/giant… things? I’m pretty sure there was a Minotaur in there at one point as well. The point being, this first trailer looks like they will hopefully get this film right. Sadly, we didn’t get to see Jovovich in any kind of Blood Queen attire, but I’m sure we’ll get a better look in the next trailer. 

What do you think of the trailer and Hellboy‘s new look? Check out the trailer below, and let us know your thoughts in the comments section!

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