John Romero is working on new content for the original Doom. No, this is not 1993 and he hasn’t returned to id Software either. After some teasing by posting the number five in many different forms on his Instagram account, Romero announced SIGIL, a free megawad for Doom.

“What does this all have to do with the number five?” one might ask. According to Romero’s announcement via Instagram, the game is meant as a spiritual episode five for the original Doom.

The thought of having one of the original creators return to the beloved shooter many years later should definitely rattle a few cages. Judging by the trailer it looks like Doom, no surprises there. If you’re absolutely on board with John Romero returning to the days of old you can pre-order SIGIL with a bunch of physical goodies, including the printed artwork, the soundtrack by Buckethead himself on two discs and the game files on a USB drive that looks like a floppy disc. That last one alone is worth checking out right here. It is worth noting once more, that the game will be available free of charge as well, being a mod without any affiliation to the current license owners.

You can watch the full SIGIL announcement below:

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I sure am excited to see Romero return to the series with SIGIL after such a long time, what do you think?

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