Bandai Namco has released a story trailer for their upcoming Jump fighter mash-up, Jump Force, which hopes to explain exactly how all of the characters came together.

From the trailer, we learn that all of the various characters from Shonen Jump series’ come together as part of a collective called “Jump”. The titular Jump Force is the name for the group of ‘good guys’ from each series who have banded together to put a stop to the villains from these series’ who have also decided to join forces.

In the game, players will be able to join the likes of Goku, Luffy, and Naruto with their own character. The character creation was shown off in the video too and seems to include every single look and style, as well as the ability to customise move sets.

Bandai Namco also announced a couple of new characters coming to the game too, such as Boa Hancock from One Piece, Renji Abari from Bleach, and Deku from My Hero Academia.

Check out the trailer below:

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Jump Force is set to smash onto PlayStation 4, Windows PC and Xbox One on February 15.

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