When you hear Christmas, do you think copious amounts of gore? Fending off waves of enemies at Santa’s Workshop? Gary Busey? No? Well the folks over at Tripwire Interactive do and bring us all of these things in Killing Floor 2‘s latest update; Seasons Beatings.

Tripwire Interactive has been keeping the community of Killing Floor 2 well fed this year with seasonal updates and events and the festive holiday has been no exception.

The first treat in the advent calendar of chaos is a new paid playable character in the form of Badass Santa, portrayed by eccentric actor Gary Busey, as well as being the background narrator for one of the two new levels, Santa’s Workshop.

Killing Floor 2 Holiday Content

Alongside this, we also have the Shopping Spree map. This comes in the form of a typical Black Friday Mall, but with less blood than you’d expect. Another gift for the gore-obsessed is new weapons. Tripwire Interactive went all Oprah and introduced four new weapons for free, one such being a Battleaxe which even has its own unique, unlockable Christmas skin acquired by completing the usual Seasonal Objectives.

Aswell as a jolly holiday Battleaxe, Killing Floor 2 also allows you to gather up some Festive Tickets which, once you have an amount divisible by 5, allow you to unlock some merry merchandise for your chosen mercenary.

Killing Floor 2 Holiday Content

And finally, all the Zeds have gotten into the yuletide swing by donning some jubilant garb. From toy robots and gingerbread men to frost demons and the Krampus. Every known Zed is ready to part with gifts and their own organs in the name of Christmas Spirit.

So with only 19 days left until ol’ Saint Nick does his rounds, have you been doing your part to keep the production line rolling up at the North Pole and beating back those ravenous Zeds from all those bargains at the mall? Let us know how you are finding the newest update of Killing Floor 2.

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