Square Enix is really pulling out the stops with its promotion for Kingdom Hearts 3. As it turns out, Disney isn’t slacking either!

From December 14 through January 31, Disney Springs at Disney World will be hosting a special Kingdom Hearts “experience.” This experience will include playable game demos, an exhibit that will supposedly include all of the keyblades in Kingdom Hearts 3, and artwork from the game and inspired by the game on display.

There will also be digital kiosks for fans to preorder the game, should they be hitting Disney Springs before January 29. It seems that other types of Kingdom Hearts merchandise will be available at these kiosks as well, though too many details of what else will be available have not really been discussed at this time.


Although nothing has been mentioned about the other Disney World parks, it seems fair to reason that the gift shop in Epcot Japan will also be featuring some Kingdom Hearts gear.

Kingdom Hearts 3 will be hitting your Xbox One and PlayStation 4 systems starting January 29, and if you end up checking out the exhibit, send us pictures–and some merch!

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