Creator of a number of Sierra titles, including Leisure Suit Larry, is selling some of his source code for the projects over on eBay.

Al Lowe may not be as much of a household name anymore, but back in the late eighties to mid-nineties, one series controversially took the gaming world by storm: Leisure Suit Larry.

Now, it appears Lowe is hanging up the velour suit and has decided to flog the source code to some of his iconic titles over on eBay. In an interview with YouTube creator MetalJesusRocks, Lowe admitted that “I’m 72 years old, and none of my kids want this junk! Does anybody?”

Some of the titles listed include Leisure Suit Larry and Leisure Suit Larry 2, as well as a copy of Bop a Bet, one of Lowe’s first titles for the Apple Computer released in 1982.

You can find the full listings here.

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While Lowe might be done with Larry, developer CrazyBunch is not as they’ve just released a brand new Leisure Suit Larry game, Wet Dreams Don’t Dry.

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