In an almost bizarre turn of events, Mark Hamill and Ariana Grande proved to the world that they could be the closest of friends as an innocent Twitter love was struck between the pair by a recent tweet from Mark.

He confirmed his appreciation and respect for the pop singer after her recent Billboard-topping hit single/video that everyone is going crazy for, ‘Thank U, Next’.

He commented by saying:

Truly one of the nicest people in Hollywood and always very humble, it’s partly why he’s always garnered the respect and adoration he’s deserved by all his fans across the globe.

Ariana happened to see this tweet and instantly retweeted to the former Jedi Knight:

It’s almost as if the pair are practically father and daughter in a strange but… sweet way. It’s always good to see the nicer side of Hollywood genuinely played out. This, of course, had fans everywhere going into a Twitter frenzy after the newly formed ‘bromance’ between the pair.

Although this did all come about by accident as Mark had tweeted a statement with the hashtag #ThankYouNext during a simple tweet on another topic he was talking about, unbeknownst to the actor that the timing of this particular tweet would come into collision with the world’s current ultimate pop princess around the same time as her video release for her smash hit over the last month ‘Thank U, Next’. The singer responded to Mark’s innocent tweet with ‘I can’t breathe’.

As soon as Mark had realised why his Twitter was gaining such a crazy influx of activity he smoothly brought it back and turned the situation around saying:

A legend in many rights and clearly an all-around decent bloke.

Ariana Grande continues to rule the world of pop as her video for the hit single smashed YouTube’s records for the most views in 24 hours. It reminisces to everyone’s favorite rom-coms and iconic 00’s films such as Bring It On, Mean Girls, Legally Blonde and 13 going on 30 with cameos from iconic actresses across all those films and Kris Jenner playing her mother. Watch the video for ‘Thank U, Next’ below.

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