While many of us are still diving into Minecraft‘s Aquatic Update, the team behind everyone’s favorite building sandbox have been working round the clock to make the up and coming Village and Pillage update into the best post-Christmas present to date.

Mojang’s previous snapshot heralded the arrival of villager raids, new items and wildlife galore, but it seems that was only a taster. In the latest announcement, the developers have introduced a series of new utility items and a complete overhaul in the appearance, use, and function of villages.

So far, NPC structures have been somewhat plain in their appearance and lacking that extra factor which would really jazz things up.

The new update delivers a variety of new NPC buildings. Fishing huts, town halls, shepherd houses, and breweries bring a new lease of life to villages while tweaks to the current structures will smooth out any rough edges.

There’s also the addition of Sweet Berries which restores two hunger points and can be planted to produce Sweet Berry Bushes. These bushes can also be found naturally amongst Taiga, Taiga Hills, and Taiga Mountains biomes, as well as rarely in the snowy versions of those biomes.

As for utility items, the developers have gone above and beyond by reinventing the game’s crafting mechanics. Fletching and cartographer’s tables have been announced, as well as the addition of barrels, smokers and blast furnaces.

Taking the headlines, however, is the grindstone, this new addition emulates the anvil by providing the option to repair and combine enchanted items. What really sets the grindstone apart though is its ability to disenchant objects, whilst leaving them intact and reimbursing the player with experience levels for doing so.

New decoratives will also make a welcome appearance, including bells, lanterns, and lecterns, which let multiple players read a chosen book at the same time.

Finally, there’s the addition of Snowy Tundra villages.

More is sure to follow, so stay tuned for further announcements.

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