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With Christmas rapidly approaching, Mojang have given the Minecraft community an exciting taste of what is to come in the New Year as they released their last major snapshot of 2018.

Village and Pillage has already shown a great deal of promise and this sneak peek is no different, the latest update has provided us with a great insight into the amount of progress that has been made since November.

The Minecraft developers have clearly been working hard, current in-game elements have been refined whilst a multitude of new features have become infinitely more functional and instilled with new found purpose.

Raids have been given a huge boost. Captains will now spawn at Illager outposts and give players one bad omen level upon death, Patrol Captains on the other hand, will deliver up to three when killed.

Minecraft Pillager screenshot

Additionally, the attack system has now been set so that beasts start appearing from the second wave, witches approach on the fourth and evokers arrive at the tenth. Players will need to dig in deep to defend against each relentless horde of enemies.

Barrels now serve as a storage block and can hold the same amount of items as a small chest. Blast furnaces and smokers now process items twice as efficiently as their predecessor, the former smelts ores and blocks, while the latter produces cooked food.

New Taiga villages have been added whilst their desert counterparts have been refined to blend in more effectively with their surrounding environment. Meanwhile, the Mason profession has been added, cured Zombie Villagers now retain their trades and Villagers have been fitted with an all new aesthetic which varies depending on their inhabited biome.

Minecraft Pandas screenshot

Lastly, Jellie the cat has been introduced into the world of Minecraft, bells will now make a sound when interacted with and a plethora of bugs have been fixed.

The new snapshot is live for players to check out with more news expected in the New Year, stay tuned for updates.

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