This year has seen the entire world engulfed by the ultimate battle royale craze; Fortnite. Now with only two weeks left until Santa, the jolliest fat man in red, breaks the world record for traveling around the world in a single night. Here are a few stocking filler ideas for your Floss-obsessed love ones.

Fortnite Funko POP!s

Fortnite Funko Pop!s

Kicking off our list is the new Fortnite Funko POP!s. The popular vinyl collectibles have a vast arsenal of popular media brands under their belt and earlier this year saw the inclusion of some of the aforementioned’s popular battle royale mode skins make the line-up.

Featured amongst them are Legendary Skin, Black Knight, which was only available during the first official Battle Pass in Season 2, the Halloween themed Skull Trooper and the ever lovable Cuddle Team Leader. These are only a few of the 14 which are currently available.

You can find these Fortnite Funko POP!s just about anywhere they sell POP figures.

Fortnite Loot Chests

Fortnite Loot Chests

If you’re sick of POP!s are also a few little loot chests available at many retailers. Each one is full of… well… loot. There are weapons and back bling available in each one as well as building structures. The contents of each chest vary and there are many to collect.

The catch is obvious here. If you want the whole collection you could end up buying more than the minimum required but at least you won’t be in short supply (drop).

You can grab these from Smyths Toys in the UK.

Fortnite Building Sets

Fortnite Building Set

The Fortnite loot chest is also a great way to expand on the next item; the Turbo Builder Set.

The Turbo Builder Set contains a whopping 89 pieces! These include 27 Wood, Stone, and Metal building structure pieces, 2 4″ figures of two of the most recognized in-game skins (Jonesy and Raven) which each has nearly 20 points of movement, 4 weapons, and 2 harvesting tools.

You can grab the Turbo Builder Set from Amazon.

Fortnite Figurines

Fortnite Figurines

The monstrous collection is also compatible with a host of other collectible figurines. So to add to your Turbo Builder Set, there is the Squad Mode 4 Figure Pack.

In this selection of figurines, there are four more unique skins, as well as four unique weapons and four unique harvesting tools and more structure pieces.

All three of these items (Loot Chest, Turbo Builder Set, Squad Mode 4 Figure Pack) are a great combo.

You can grab the Fortnite Squad Mode 4 Figure Pack from Argos.

Fortnite Battle Royale Collection

Fortnite Battle Royale Collection

Renowned toy company Moose Toys have also jumped on the bandwagon and have released a selection of 20 5cm Fortnite figures. This is a staggering amount of figurines until you realize that this is known as Wave 1.

So not only are there currently 20 available figures available. Wave 2 is releasing on December 17, 2018. Therefore potentially doubling the already vast amount. Sounds like you will need a pretty big stocking for the fireplace this year.

You can grab the Fortnite Battle Royale Collection from Smyths Toys!

Fortnite Monopoly!

Fortnite Monopoly

Moving away from figures for a second (or however long it takes you to read this next section). There is now Fortnite Monopoly. That’s right! The Christmas tradition of ending the festivities with a war over fake money has taken on the Fortnite moniker.

The new edition of the game features locations from the hit game in place of the usual properties. So now, instead of blasting away twenty other people in Tilted Towers, you can now monetize the suffering of your loved ones.

The changes to the classic family game don’t just stop with the properties. The money has been changed to the purchasable currency, V-Bucks. Gone are the Hat and the Dog, we now have a large selection of 27 different skins from the game, 15 Storm cards, 16 location cards, 16 loot chest cards, 8 Wall cards, 1 numbered die, 1 action die with labels, 110 Health Point chips, and game guide. That last one sounds like you’re going to need it.

You can grab Fortnite Monopoly from Amazon!


So there it is ladies and gentlemen. The only game you have been hearing about from children across the globe for the last apparent eternity. Now it can spill out into your entire house. There is no stopping it. Embrace it.

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