Listen up, Greenhorns! It’s that festive time of year once again and the Winter Festival is in full swing in Astera! Celebrate the holiday season with some of these incredible Monster Hunter gifts fit for any Hunter worth their salt! Whether it’s a gift from you to you or for a fellow Hunter these are sure to lead to some friendly boasting around the feasting table!

Monster Hunter Pop! Vinyl Figures

Monster Hunter Pop! Figure

Everyone’s got one or two…or ten cluttering up their shelves somewhere, but no Hunter’s collection would be complete without the Monster Hunter Pop! Vinyl! Currently, the PlayStation Gear store has a 3 for £30 deal so you can get all 3 Monster Hunter vinyl figures for a rather fetching price; Hunter Male, Rathalos and Felyne.

Heat-change Mug

Monster Hunter World Heat Change mug

Heat changing mugs are always fun! They look plain as anything then you get a nice steaming hot coffee in there and suddenly it looks badass! Again the PlayStation Gear store has a pretty sweet looking mug to celebrate Monster Hunter World, perfect for hunters looking to get their caffeine fix in style!

Guese Who T-Shirt

Ever wanted to walk down the street and give everyone PTSD flashbacks? Gatecrashing a party no-one invited you to? Then boy howdy do the dudes at Red Bubble have you covered with this sweet Bazelguese T-shirt! Turn up rocking everyone’s favorite uninvited guest and you’re sure to turn some heads!

Rathalos Photo Print

Monster hunter Wall Art

Looking to hang a trophy on the wall from one of your favorite monster hunts? Look no further than this red-hot wall poster! Mock that fiery sky bastard by hanging him in your living room, or salute him with a morning coffee in from your brand new heat-changing mug?

Resin Wiggler Models

Resin Wriggler Models

These adorable little bastards bring a touch of the New World to your old world flower pots and beds! These 6-inch resin acrylic Wigglers would be at home in any home and make a great gift for any Hunter!

“Quest Clear” Key Holder

Monster Hunter inspired key Holder

Every Hunter needs a place to hang his helmet and his keys when coming home from an expedition. Mount one of these Monster Hunter inspired laser-engraved key hangs on the wall and make coming home from the hunt just that little bit more special!


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